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  • Ply wood / Leather fab

    Ok so im scared about using fiberglass and stuff so after cairfull thought i came up with the idea of ply wood and covering that in some nappa leather i have spare to match my recaro seats.

    id like a lil advice / comments to see weather its worth a shot or should i use some other material.

    I have an Audi S3, my idea involves me buying (already done) the center dash so i can hack to bits without worrying. i want to move the head unit further down as well as the climate controls and install a touch screen where the head unit was.

    My reason for choosing ply is that i can easily cut it to the shape i want and it will bend into shape. the dash facia is curved so the ply can follow this contour (see pic)

    once everything is in place i will cover the ply using spray glue and apply the leather.

    what do you guys recon?

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    Ply may seem like a good idea but I doubt you will be very happy with the end product. I've seen many installs that way and have yet to see one that truly looked good except in cases where the existing dash was flat such as a truck or van. From the picture it looks like your cars interior is mostly plastic so a center piece in your dash with leather may look out of place as opposed to a painted piece that can closely match your dash. You may be able to bend wood slightly but it will still be very hard to match the existing dash with that method. Go over some of the tutorials found on this site for fiberglass. Although it takes more time the end result should flow smoothly with your car and it really isn't that hard. Just take your time and read all you can prior to starting!


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      there are actually some surprisingly simple ways to bend wood or create bent wood shapes that don't require steam or pressure or anything as involved as that. this link gives one example of the process. By using very thin layers of wood and gluing them in position you can get a strong laminate with a pretty radical shape. A dash should be no problem.

      I agree with Nubs26 that leather or any sort of fabric would be out of place on the dash, but that's not for anybody but you to decide. Just know there are ways to accomplish most anything you want in your car.
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        Thanks guys,

        Ply sucked. it was too thin at the edge and just snapped. cant get an accurate cut round the buttons etc.

        i have a spare console to practice on and will prob go for a fiberglass / bondo solution.

        however im prietty limited on time... what i want to source (if any of you guys can help) is a center console + buttons + facia for a 2002 on Audi A3- this would be ideal as its the same dash, it just has housing for double din unit.

        Id like to fill that with a Infill G4 or an 7-8" touch screen.

        Making a bezel would be much easier. i have studied the "how to make a factory bezel tut" and would feel much comfortable tacking that first off.

        Any suggestions would be much appreciated.