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  • What Materials To Use??

    hey guys..i have a 97 camaro and i just purchased the pioneer 7'' cd/dvd you may know,its a double i have to mod the radio trim..i was just wondering what materials to use..since i heard this is the EXPERT site..i ask you guys..any instructions would be GREATLY appreciated as well..thanks so much,,pics would be great too!!!

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    first, how about a picture for those of us not familiar with your car. second... what kind of mod are you looking to do? just a quick slap-it-in type thing or are you looking to do full custom curvy stuff?

    the answers to those questions will help guide you towards what you're looking for.
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      I want the works..i want it to look like its stock...same color, same texture(if thats possible)

      check it out


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        Originally posted by CAMARO1997LT1 View Post
        I want the works..i want it to look like its stock...same color, same texture(if thats possible)

        check it out
        Isn't that radio right now 1.5 DIN.

        That means you need to do some moving, and some serious fab work. Are you sure you are up for it?

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          lol, we're the expert site for this now?

          ...guess that makes sense, everyone has to mold in there 7" ts's

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            While I didn't install in your particular vehicle, I think the steps will be very close.

            here's a link to my install

            You'll basically have to cut out an opening for the housing, decide if you want the buttons or not, and trim the housing as well.

            I used Dynatron 660 as my epoxy/filler.. Mixed correctly it will be hard and strong enough. There are a couple of other gluing methods you can use.. ABS sludge, 5 minute epoxy...

            Also, are you attempting to keep stock finish?

            EDIT: I see you are trying to keep stock finish. I suppose I should read more.

            You'll need some texture paint (in spray form) to match.. though it may take a few tries to get it just right.
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