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JL (12w7) Enclosure volume question

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  • JL (12w7) Enclosure volume question

    according to this the Recommended Sealed Volume for a JL 12w7 is 1.375 cu. ft. (38.94 ltrs.) how can i measure the volume in a fiberglass elclosure can i use water to see if it can hold 38.49 ltrs of water? it might sound like a stupid question but i have to know if i can make it happen.

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    i read someone's log where they measured out 1.375 cu ft into the size of a cardboard box. They then filled that with packing foam. They then used that amount of packing foam poured into the enclosure. If it all goes in, they you have the same amount of volume.


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      what about the water would that work?

      The truth us that am trieng to fis a 12w7 into one of these

      how many layers of fiberglass should i use for a 12w7?

      am planin to build this?


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        In honesty water will work but will be quite heavy once filled (1l= 1kg)

        So to empty you will need a hose (communicating ...)

        But when filling you'll have to take care of the straightness of the place you are going to use to stand it while filling

        The benefit of water is in the end small versus the hassle
        Only sure but small advantage you will be 100 % sure that it will be leakage free (that if you can fill it completely up to the brimm)

        Anyway, be sure to do it in a place accepting a possible dump of 30+l on the floor in case of bad workmanship (been there with an aquarium something like 600l in the living room, wife was really not that happy, me either )

        My 2 cents go for the packaging peanuts much easier and more fun


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          These techniques are useful to tell the volume of an existing structure, but if you are building, then it requires careful planning and measuring and creativity. One solution is to build a fairly straightforward box of MDF to the proper specs then fiberglass around it. Another is to fiberglass the majority into several recognizeable shapes that you can measure and add up the volumes.

          As I mentioned in your other thread, whether or not the W7 will fit in there is not just a matter of volume. The W7 has very large displacement and a huge mounting depth AND requires several inches of clearance between the magnet and the bottom of the enclosure.
          Its not the cards you're dealt, its how you play the hand!

          Originally posted by ryuandwings
          Where can I get a roll of tin foil?
          I been looking for that all over the net, but I can't find it.
          Please help.


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            the thing that always worried me with the water idea was the mdf circle for the sub... you may not have one... but if you do it will get soaked, and it soaks up water like crazy

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