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    Hey whats up Im Brett! Turned 19 yesterday, and Thus my insurance is now 40 bucks cheaper and I can afford it now! So i got my car, an 89 Suzuki GTi In perfect condition. Gonna make a sub enclosure in the back.

    Anyway i was wondering, What kind of Glass I should use? this will be my first galssing experiment but I really wanna try. is mat better? thanks!
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    Try the "Fiberglassing Tips" sticky at the top of Fabrication. It has good information and links.
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      why don't you start by taking pictures of the back of your car where the box will go, and maybe start with a sketch of what you want to do.

      alot of people will just start with the speaker rings on sticks and what they usually wind up with is something that IMO looks like a blob of snot with a subwoofer buried in it.

      in any case, your design will determine the construction method. feel free to PM me if you are having trouble getting started.
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        ok thanks so much!
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