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Dual screen 4th Gen Prelude fabrication

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  • Dual screen 4th Gen Prelude fabrication

    Ok guys, I started this well over a month ago and have been keeping a worklog on the prelude forum (Honda Prelude UK :: Index) however I thought I would share it with the audience here and start updating it properly here as well.

    For now, I will post some pics etc of the fabrication so far as well as some install + testing pics etc. Those of you who have seen a 4th gen Prelude dash will know that the centre part is awesome for having a screen in... I'm going for a factory-finish look with a touchscreen in the centre console and another screen behind the dash.

    The touchscreen will be mounted above the head unit (also in the centre console) as I like to listen to the radio through the head unit, its a handy amp, etc etc. (Incase anybody posts saying 'so why not cut out the headunit altogether and save yourself a load of work')... It isn't about how much work it is, its about how much fun it is

    For the original forum thread, go here:
    Honda Prelude UK :: View topic - Dual screen CARPC

    This is the original setup (trying to dig some old pics of the install, might post them later if I can find them, it was a fair bit of work):

    The mouse was controlled by a laptop 'nipple' device installed into the drivers side coin tray, works well but a touchscreen is cool... why not have both

    The full picture log is here: Shadowcats Photo Gallery: fibreglass

    With over 4 pages of photos and currently updated sometimes a few times a day, its the place to check out the latest happenings before I get round to posting them here

    Anyyay, for those of you too lazy, have the progress so far in a short, sharp bust of pictures:

    Yep there as some imperfections which is why its being dry/wetsand/primered over and over and over and over again at the moment. It is coming along really nicely, no photos uploaded of today really but tomorrow the painting should be finished and I can start properly fabbing the supports for the head unit.

    Once more, for the full load of pics, go here: Shadowcats Photo Gallery: fibreglass

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    should look very nice


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      killer. nice and clean, taking your time and perfecting it totally pays off. Way to go. I'll be staying tuned to see the results!


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        looks very clean so far. good luck
        1998 Camaro Worklog Starting over, New setup for 2010


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          very nice, what is the brand of the screen in your previous set up, it looks pretty sharp, i would like to get something small like that
          R. T. F. M


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            The screen is a PAL PSONE (720x576) screen modified to accept an RGB signal through VGA. There are loads of guide on here as to how to modify them and they to work REALLY nicely, especially for the price!