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Suzuki Swift Sports In-Dash and Storage Area

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  • Suzuki Swift Sports In-Dash and Storage Area

    Hi peeps,

    Hope I'm posting in the right forum, otherwise mod pls moved it accordingly.

    I'm from Singapore about to take delivery of the Suzuki Swift Sports in a month time and I've opted out of the factory-installed hu. In place of the factory-installed hu, a double din slot will be included for after market hu as shown in the pic attached, although I recalled there should be 2 slots instead of 1 unlike as shown in this pic. This is where I planned to mount the LCD screen but still undecided if it should be a retractabe (not as lasting, reduced available space for behind-screen carputer but can hide away from unwanted eyes) or a fixed (shoud be more durable, more space for behind-screen carputer but a magnet for break ins). However, for behind-screen computer, I would not have the skills to fabricate a customised bracket so unless someone can give me direction to get one off the shelves...

    You could also see below the aircon dial there's a storage box as well. Hopefully this space could be put to good use too although I've been told it is not a standard 7" width size with rough measurement at H 13.5cm x W 16.5cm x D 18cm. I suppose the box could be removed in 1 piece to revealed more depth but I'll be trying not to hack too much or at all of a brand new car. The plus side of using this this area could be (I'm not sure) maybe it may allow more room to include more components in the carputer with a bigger chassis?

    I would love some constructive suggestions in putting a carputer in the swift. My preference would be to achieve a neat oem look.

    However, I'm a first time car owner and have limited knowledge about cars although when it comes to computers, I should have no problem as I'm in the IT retail and service industry. I've done my fair bit of reading and research and roughly knows what are the components required. As for wiring, I'll be getting the audio shop to help out.

    What is also grey area to me is the mounting as I'm not too sure about the industry standard used in car audio, i.e will LCD has standard mounting holes to fit into the 2 din area?

    Also, if a HU is recommended to go with a carputer, I may have to make use of the storage box area much like what this Japanese guy has done although I can't make out if he was successful even after translation. If he was, I believe some of the ready made carputer are already designed to fit in the standard 7" width and so possibly have the brackets for the purpose and easier route to take. I could get my hands on the Sumicom or possiblely the Aopens and the likes. If you go to the next 2 pages, you could also see that he hacked up the 2 din bezel as he was using an oversize LCD screen which I obviously won't be following.

    I would stop short here and hope peeps get the drift and knows what I'm driving at.

    Thanks for reading and hope to get some response.
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    Hey, that looks like a perfect candidate for a permanant, immobile installation. Check the sticky at the top of the Fabrication forum for instructions how to make a factory quality bezel. Don't worry about it getting stolen, isn't corporal punishment still used in Singapore?


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      OFF Topic

      I also have a Swift down in India. Oddly we dont get the dash clock, though the slot is made for it. Does anyone know of a place i can order one ? I have tried searching but no luck,



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        no worries.

        The "pocket" is removable, and is often pit in place of another single din radio. You don't put the radio in the pocket; you take the pocket our and throw it away. It should be quite simple to pull out; it is not a major "hack" to the car, since Suzuki designed this space for a slide-in double din unit.

        Looks like you are set up.


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          hi, i live in new delhi,india.i also own a swift and plan to install a carputer.

          i am confused about the size of the touch screen.i think the 7" would be too small for the din and it would need fabrication.i think 8" would be better as the diagonal length of the double din slot is exactly 8" but i cant get the exact width,height dimensions for an 8"screen.

          I would like to put up a screen with only the screen showing(without the panels) so that minimal fabrication is required as it is difficult to get the fabrication stuff here.

          Any suggestions for screen size for double din???

          and...ankur where do u live in delhi,saw ur innova here and read ur post,the installation looks great.good work.i would like to learn that.