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How do you mount a "raw" LCD (without bezel/case)?

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  • How do you mount a "raw" LCD (without bezel/case)?

    I have a Dynamix/LinITX 7" touchscreen and a 2001 Ford Focus. The LCD's bezel is too tall to fit in the stock opening without having to do some major modification to the bezel.

    If I remove the screen from the bezel it should fit quite nice in the stock opening and will only need the spaces to the sides of the screen filled.

    The screen just sits in the bezel right now and when the back of the bezel is screwed together the screen is only held in place by pressure around all the sides, there are no retaining clips or screws that hold it in palce, just standoffs within the bezel to hold it's position.

    How would I go about mounting this raw screen in the Focus's bezel? I guess what I want is exactly what is in this picture:

    How was the mounting area made? Is it all just bondo/plastic filler or did the installer probably use a solid piece of plastic or metal as a surround for the screen and then attach that surround to the bezel?

    I think it might be easiest to make a frame for the screen out of something like sturdy plastic or metal and then mould that into the dash bezel.

    Do you think this would be the easiest/most effect method? Thanks.

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    I assume in the picture above, that's a double-din space, in which case your'e better off using an 8" WIDESCREEN LinITX screen. That will also fill those side spaces.

    As for mounting, like you said there are two options. The easiest woudl be to make some metal pieces that look like this

      +-- (side view)
    |o| |  (top view)
    you can stick some screw threads (heat the head and shove into the dash, then strengthen it with some araldite/strong resin glue), then use those to mount into. then use about 8 of those (2 on each side) to hold it in.

    the other option is to build a frame inside, that is independant of the dash. Have a look at the Bezel link in my sig for a similar job. I think in your case it woudl be easier, as you should be able to use a dual-din cage as your base.

    hope that helps
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      Thanks for the reply. The problem is that the opening is not a double din, it is slightly smaller. I would have to cut the opening just to make it tall enough to fit the 7" screen.

      I think building a frame and then attaching it to the dash bezel would be easiest now that I think about it.


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        yes i am in the same boat. i have a focus as well and the opening is 7.5x4 inches and it is a irregular size....but it is possible to dremel around the edges and fit 2 decks in and use a bezel kit to fill in the gaps on the left and the right....i have not done this myself but i have seen it.


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          I made a housing on my own out of wood. LCD sits flush on the wooden housing. Then I had the housing painted black and covered in EMI shield material.