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Fiberglass enclosure for Del Sol + convertable Rack = Problems

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  • Fiberglass enclosure for Del Sol + convertable Rack = Problems

    Ok, I am looking to change the look in my 97 Del Sol and more importantly, I hope to save some space for taking drum equipment. I currently have one 12" Memphis MClass 15-MS124 Sub with a Memphis PR 150.2 amp. Right now I have it in the setup shown below:

    As you can see, this easily takes up half of my trunk space. I am looking to install a fiberglass enclosure into the back driverside corner since the shaping is very odd and concequently a total waste of storage space. There is a problem though; the hardtop convertable rack is in the way. There is only 11" of clearance from the trunk mat to the bottom of the rack. So, my question is, should I build more verticaly and stay close to the trunk wall out of the rack's path or build more horizontal. I would rather try to stay close to the sides in eitehr case. Either way i planned on having an angle less than 45 degrees in order to even be able to fit the sub in. And with that complicated of a design, would i have to use wood to create a frame or wire or what? Any help would be great.

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      Please recognize that this is a CarPC forum, not a car audio forum.

      Thread moved.
      Jan Bennett
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      Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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        Yea, I read that article; thats the reason I decided to post about my problem.