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multiple Touchscreens in Sunvisor

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  • multiple Touchscreens in Sunvisor

    I am looking to do an install in a 97 Corvette, I do not wish to do any fabrication to the dass/radio bezel & I am hoping to put the touchscreens in each sunvisor. Is it possible to use multiple screens? Also can multi users be logged on at the same time using different applications? Please I am no way a computer guru, so please. I welcome sound advice. You can also email me at [email protected]


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    Well, yeah.

    Just use a dual head video card but you'll need a fairly powerful chipset for that. (that's partly why I am using a P4, for front and rear monitors). You can have different applications running on each screen but not different logons (there might be a way, but I don't know of one).

    If you just want to display the same image on more than one screen, you can split the vga, but you will get signal degredation and poorer quality video out.

    If you're not a computer "guru", you should stick to a fairly simple install first. This doesn't sound like one.

    Also, try posting in the newbie section until you gain a little more experience. People here aren't very tolerant of newb's (I think they have forgotten how much there is to know and learn when just starting out!).




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      I experimented once with a dual login system running on a XP box. It wasn't for a car, but for a home automation system. I ended up going with a linux build with a custom application in the end.

      In the direct sense, no, what you are asking for is not possible. Now, what is possible is one of two options.

      1. Run a standard computer with dual head (as in two touchscreen monitors) and a application running on each screen. Would not be as good, as you wouldnt get two start menus etc (if thats what you are after)

      2. Hack a windows XP bulid to allow multiple concurrent terminal services sessions, and run a VNC session from one login into another login session (you can bind ultraVNC to a TCP session too). Its a roundabout way of doing it, but you would get two seperate session screens on the one computer.

      Still one mouse. (as in, only one person can be physically using the touchscreen as another)
      Issues with dual video only playing on one screen.
      VNC is way too slow for a DVD or DivX movie.

      In the end, it would be much more beneficial to simply run dual systems in the car. Wouldnt be too difficult either. Just use a bigger inverter.


      PS. See above about newb help. Thats what its there for. People just starting out.

      PPS. This shouldnt be in fabrication. Fabrication is meant for the physical building of surrounds and all that.


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        This is entirely possible. I can't find a link to the "black box" that would do this for pretty cheap but here is a link to an example of software that will allow multiple concurrent users of 1 PC. You jujst need either a dual head video card or multiple video cards.

        You can both view video, use the same programs at the same time, sound for both, etc.
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          any reason why you want it in your sunvisors though? is it going to be strictly for GPS navi? or for multimedia? because i wouldn't think it would be so safe having it right there... thats just IMO though...