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Subaru Impreza Bezel Problem

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  • Subaru Impreza Bezel Problem


    I bought the WRX bezel for my Impreza from the mp3car store which specificaly states that it suits 06 Impreza's. Now I goto replace the headunit with the screen and bezel and the bezel is too high. Width wise it is spotto, but height wise it is around 15mm to tall. I was ever so ****ed. I can sit it behind the hole in the dash, but it isn't what I had seen on other installs. (others were flush mounted)

    Have any other Impreza owners found this/have a workaround/know something I don't?

    All help appreciated...
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    I don't remember seeing a flush mounted Mechatroniks bezel. I am pretty sure they are designed to sit behind the bezel. Can you link to the one that you saw flush mounted?


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      ^^ pretty sure the ones i've seen sit behind the bezel as well... except for the aftermarket custom bolt in ones that can be made to sit flush...


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        well if it doesn't fit your particular year i'll buy it from ya i have an 02...