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    Looking to put about a 7" screen in my car and I'm looking for some ideas as to where to put it. Here is a pic of the interior of my car.

    I was originally thinking where the tape deck is (which will be removed) but its about 3" out of my reach (I'm short, sorry). Another thought was where the radio controls are (to the right of the steering wheel by the shifter) but then no one else would be able to use it. I'd prefer to stay away from making a custom unit cause I'm not so good at that kind of thing. If anyone has ever done this in a 1994 1500 Blazer (not the S10) or has any suggestions, they would be hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    if i were in your shoes and uncertain about doing fab work, i would send out your whole trim bezel peice where the radio portion is and have someone mold in a 7" screen where the radio controls are, then get a basic car audio shop install an aftermarket CD player where the tape deck sits so that the carPC install is very VERY basic and not too complex...

    that is assuming you don't like working with alot of custom things, otherwise, i would just run a fully active setup from the CarPC to amps running audio... but that would require you to own a certain number of amps, either 4ch and mono, or just 4ch, or 5ch, etc etc. a 4ch running 2 channels upfront for a front stage of passive crossover components and the rear bridged for a small sub would be a good idea... is it a truck or SUV? otherwise, you'd be looking at either a big 5ch or a mono block and 4ch... that's considering you're running a full carPC setup...

    OR you can just do what i posted above w/ an Aux input on the aftermarket radio for your audio output with no amps... meh, its your money and your car, your choice


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      (Its an SUV) I actually was planning on running audio straight to the amps. I have 2 mono bazookas (for my 2 12"s) and have yet to pick up a 4 channel amp for the main speakers. My brother actually came up with a decent idea, heres an ugly illustration:

      I'll have to mount the cd/dvd drive, probably to the inside of the console. I'll also have get something to keep the hinged plate with the screen from flipping all the way back. My brother thinks we should attach the screen to the back of the cupholder. I'm not so big on that idea but I can't think of what else I could use, without, again, making my own thing. Maybe I should just go out and buy the materials and play around with them until I have a better understanding of, and more experience with it. I'm in favor of this idea mostly because this way, the screen and the drive would be hidden (don't live in a great neighborhood, my cd player was stolen out of one of my cars). Any thoughts/suggestions?