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Will Bondo Glass hold to Plastic?

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  • Will Bondo Glass hold to Plastic?

    I'm trying to make a bezel for an 8" screen in my Acura and what I want to do is take the existing mounting kit and cut it up into a frame, then use the bond glass to make the shape I want for the screen and head unit. I just need to know if they will stay together properly.

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    if its a black tube of stuff then it will hold but will crack.


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      It's a tub... any other suggestions on how to go about it?


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        Yea I just bought the same stuff for my install. Should I instead use plastic epoxy stuff? Will the bondo def crack in few months? do I need to use primer on the plastic epoxy stuff?


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          I used some gorilla Glue to tac it into place, then I used bondo... It looks great and it holds it in place, no worries...


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            I used glass bondo and seems to be holding up very well. Have had it for maybe 6 months to a year and have had no cracking problems. I also used a thin coat of regular bondo over the glad to smooth it out, this way you do not see where the bondo meets up with the plastic.


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              Personally I wouldn't do it unless you are going to cover the piece. You can sand it down really good with a low grit paper to get it to hold the best but will probably let loose.


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                Fiberglass is known to not bond to most plastics. This is why a lot of people lay down plastic wrap to cover their workspace. Your dash is most likely made of ABS or PP plastic, which will not form the chemical bond necessary. as xtremekustomz said, "You can sand it down really good with a low grit paper to get it to hold the best but will probably let loose" this will allow the bondo glass to form a mechanical bond, but will probably come loose in the end. The dash kit you got was probably ABS plastic. The best thing to bond to abs is abs, you can get sheets of them here:
                or some other materials stores near you.
                You can create a basic mold out of thin wood (naked, or wrapped in foil), or similar, then place the abs sheet over the mold and into the oven at 140C - 170C (recommend 160C) degrees (284F - 338F, recommended 320F you will want to watch it the whole time) until it takes it's shape. (heat forming):

                You may be able to heat it up and form by gloved hand, but this is less specific.
                Info from:

                This will give you a much stronger, more OEM looking dash piece. If it's made of PP, then you can also get PP sheets, but I'm unsure of the heat specs on PP.

                This is an option to pursue. Some have tried the ABS sludge technique which involves dissolving ABS pellets or shavings in solvent (usually acetone) and then pouring it into the mold, once the acetone evaporates, the abs will be hard again.

                Hopefully this helps.
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                  I just realized something from the months back when i built a a few fiberglass enclosures. To make bondo a hell of alot stonger instead of putting the bondo harder in the bondo mix a little fiberglass resin in with it mix it real good and then add a few drops of resin harder. when its dry its hard as a rock.