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Mac Mini + enclosure + lcd + double din bezel = indash carPC?

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  • Mac Mini + enclosure + lcd + double din bezel = indash carPC?

    Hi all,

    Quick question - has anyone done the measurements to determine if the following would work?

    Make a simple enclosure normal double din size. stick a mac mini in it, and mount an LCD screen to the front with the bottom hinged in such a way that you could swing the LCD down to insert a DVD/CD into the Mac Mini or back up for normal operation? And use a factory double din bezel to make it look good? It seems to me if the mini fits, and the mounting area is deep enough, that this could be the easiest way to make a clean all-in-dash PC work. Thoughts?


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    It sountds like a good plan, I guess. It's not going to look very clean, IMHO.
    As you mentioned, depth is an issue. I've helped with a MAc Mini install in the pocket of a Scion xB and the Mac Mini sticks out just a bit, mainly because of the cables that stick out the back when it's all connected.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I was afraid of that....I am going to be working with what may be larger space - an SUV, and my Mini comes in tomorrow.....

      Anyone ever seen a right-angle VGA connector?


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        I also thought that instead of the screen hinged on the bottom, a double din enclosure may also be big enough for a Mac Mini and one of those single DIN popup screens below it.....if I have the depth it might just work.....


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          hi, i spend this morning triying to make that same idea work , and it did kinda, i got the dimmensions from this other project for a 05-06 mustang

          and made a wood box , after that i made a LCD housing box that fits inside the other one with factory bezel in front and made the whole lcd swing
          inside the upper part of the housing , leaving space in the botton for a
          mac mini i just need to see if it will fit inside my dash

          if you want some pics let me know this thing i did its just a proto to see
          if it will work and looks like it does , me so happy now.