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    Hi everyone, Ive started my first real attempt at fabrication and need some advice. I have a 7" lilliput touchscreen that I have disassembled. I have modified it so that it fits into a double din space in a radio/climate control bezel for a 2000 VW Passat. I was able to get the bezel very cheap off ebay, and have the cover of the monitor epoxyed into the bezel. The screen attaches to the back like I want it to so everything seems fine so far. Now I need to fill in the gaps around the monitor so the monitor bezel and the radio bezel look like one piece. The radio bezel is actually metal and the screen bezel is plastic, so I plan on using a texture paint to get the surfaces to look consistent. What is the best filler to use for the gaps though? I have seen epoxy putty that said it was paintable, drillable, and sandable and would hold in up to 500 degree temperatures. I was tempted to try this but I want to make sure theres nothing im overlooking as this is my first real attempt at anything like this. Thanks in advance.

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    Best way to learn is just to do it. See what works and what doesn't.

    For my double din, I ended up just using bondo to close the gaps between my radio bezel and monitor bezel. Here it is almost a year later and I've had no cracking or other weird things happen, it still looks as good as the day I did it. And New Mexico has hot HOT days and cold freakin nights.

    I would imagine that bondo body filler is easier to work with than epoxy, so what you might want to consider is epoxy it in place, then bondo the gaps. That way you'll get the strength of the epoxy, but will just have to work with the bondo.

    I also ended up using a texture spray, turned out ok. If you wanna take a look at mine, here it is. No it's not shiny black anymore... sheesh.

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