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  • Dash Design... help?

    Hey there!

    You'll probably notice how old my car is. Yes, it's a VW Golf mk1... which is.. wait for it... 25 years old, and 15 days!

    I'm looking to put a carPC in my Ride, but just need a bit of fabrication help!

    Heres a picture... The piece of paper is the size of the screen. Inluding the sides, e.g. not just the visible screen size.

    Should i refabricate it, because i want to add a Golf MK5 gear gater surround too, and a dvd-rom, or should i fiberglass and re fab this one?

    I want to make a new one, it's much easier! I can make it with MDF, bondo the screen in, easy! And it's custom!

    Ideas? Opinions?

    Pics should be following shortly.

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    Sounds like you answered your own question


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      Could you create an MDF piece that would form a mount/bezel for the screen, but mesh into the existing console? As in, you end up with a bezel for the screen that fits over the existing console, with sides that extend to the back of the console piece, then glass them all together? Would be easier than fabbing an entire console, but then you loose the entirely custom look...which might be a good thing if the rest of the interior/dash is stock-looking.
      I have too much time and too little aggravation in my life, so I built a carPC. ;)