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2004 Jeep GC--Install Ideas?

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  • 2004 Jeep GC--Install Ideas?

    Hello all. I've been searching for info and if it's out there, I guess I'm not using the right search parameters.

    I'm looking for ideas for installing a CarPC in my 2004 Jeep GC. My ultimate CarPC would include a radio interface so I'm totally willing to lose the factory HU. But I'm I don't think a screen would fit in that location. I'd be fine with moving my AC controls down but the vents are located between the current AC control location and the current HU location.

    How difficult would it be to move the vents down (or even UP to where the HU is now?

    Also, I have a PC that I'm not using. It's an eMachines tower with a P4 running WinHomeSP2. Is it possible to remove all the components from the tower case and remount them (maybe in new fiberglass mount in the trunk area)? What kind of suggestions can anyone come up with to keep it cool?

    Thanks a bunch!
    Don I
    2007 Chevrolet TrailBlazer