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Carpeted Fiberglass Amp Box for Vibe GT

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  • Carpeted Fiberglass Amp Box for Vibe GT

    Alright, talk about frustration...
    I dont know about the other states, but NC gets bloody hot. I have my Amp under the 'hidden' floor in my Vibe and it was getting well above 100F in there. The amp stopped once, and that was enough for me. I made a box with 3 fans. 2 blowing in, 1 blowing out. It is MDF frame, with Fiberglass coating. I was going to paint it, but then, nah ...its carpeted. Im better with carpeting. Also, I will NOT drive without my Spare tire, so I had to get that to fit in there as well. I know it may look tacky but damned if I drive and BLAMMO, Im on the side of the road with a flat...But hey, Ive got tunes and a DVD player... XD

    So, Pics... The beginning
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    I know I know, vacuum..... But I was in a rush and trying to finish!
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    My First Install. Be gentle with my 03 Vibe GT

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    Looks nice, have you noticed that it helps? (The fans?)

    I had a similar problem with mine, Lately Denver has seen near record high temps, and the amp is in the trunk with no A/C. My amp (and most) has a temp protect circuit, so if it gets hot, it cuts out, and comes back on when temps decrease. Quickly the amp would turn off and on after maybe 10 minutes of music, and it became very annoying (not to mention the extra wear possibility...) so I got a pair of fans and made a pedestal of sorts for it. Basically the amp is on top of the "box" yet, the box only has four of the six sides, the bottom and left and right are MDF, the amp is the top piece, and the front and back are open for ventilation. This helped, but hasn't completely solved the problem, it doesn't cut out often, but when it does, it's just as annoying. I end up folding forward the seat back, and letting the A/C flow into the trunk, and the hot air out.

    I may change the design so the fans blow onto the amp's heatsink instead, maybe that will help...

    Any work on the other side sub enclosure?
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      YES! A huge improvement! Its a little noisy but once the music starts playing you can barely hear it. I also dont hear any static on the line or any interfeirence(sp) from the fans themselves.
      No, I have not started on the other sub box, waiting for some finances to catch up. The Amp Box was spare MDF and Fiberglass, so it was pretty much free! I will be starting on it after the 15th though. And with the mistakes I made on the first one, I hope this one comes out much better, I have some ideas Id like to try out and if they pan, then Ill redo the first one I did. Ill say one thing, while I was wiring the Amp box, I had to remove the sub, I noticed a small hole, once I covered that, wow, HUGE sound difference. I guess that sealed REALLY is a lot better!
      My First Install. Be gentle with my 03 Vibe GT