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Clarification: PC ABS

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  • Clarification: PC ABS

    Some people on this forum have reported that the plastic on their dash is "PC ABS" instead of just ABS. Well upon checking mine, turns out it is also PC ABS. I searched for it on the internet, without a whole lot of success. Basically I need to know if it will sludge the way normal ABS does. I want to use some trim parts from a car at a junkyard to match the color and material exactly. Does anyone have experience with PC ABS?

    From the net:
    Polycarbonate/ABS Blends (PC/ABS)

    PC/ABS alloys are engineering thermoplastics based on mechanical blends of polycarbonate 9060% with ABS 1040%. PC/ABS combines the greater heat resistance of polycarbonate with the improved processibility of ABS. One key characteristic of PC/ABS alloys is that they can readily, and cost-effectively, be flame retarded to achieve UL 94 V-0 with phosphorus-based additives. This enables the production of halogen-free flame retarded casings for office and computer equipment.

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    This material sounds interesting, and living in Florida may be a better alternative to ABS.