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Fabricating my own double DIN monitor

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  • Fabricating my own double DIN monitor


    Lets say I were to get either one of these monitors:
    Dynamix 708 LED touchscreen

    I would like to bondo/fiberglass the screen to a double DIN kit such as one of these:

    I dont want to have to cut up my dash to install a monitor, so Id rather fabricate the monitor into a double DIN kit, then be able to slide the kit into my dash. Would this be possible? I could not find the dimensions of the double DIN kits, but I was hoping maybe the plastic casing of either of these LCD monitors would fit inside the hole of the kit. Then I would just add some structural support between the double DIN kit and the plastic housing of the monitor (maybe epoxy/fiberglass?), bondo the outside to make it look stock, sand and spraypaint. Would this work without having to do any cutting of the plastic? I have never done any fabrication before, so Id like to know how realistic this is.

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    try this....

    find the aftermarket trim kit made by metra... then hack up your lcd and epoxy it to the trim kit... blk02si did it with his indash carputer so you might wana pm him for help... details can be found here:

    hope this helped? if you have the time, then read through post 1 right till the end. ALOT of information is in there as well as how he mounted the screen to the metra kit, its in one of the first couple of posts i think.

    good luck


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      Yea...I dont think the ford metra kit will work. The ford one has those flat connector things sticking out from the side. I have a 2002 protege and that just wont work. I think the double DIN installation kit sold by the mp3car store might work best because it looks like I can simply slide it into my dash. Does anyone know the dimensions (the inner rectangle hole) of that double DIN kit? I am hoping that the LCD touchscreen can just fit in there without any serious modifications (like cutting plastic) so I can simply fill the gaps between the LCD casing and the bezel of the double DIN kit with bondo.

      On a side note...does anyone know which older cars have double DIN radios? Maybe I could just go to a junkyard, find a double DIN radio, rip out the guts...and improvise from there.


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        They make metra kits for any car that can accomodate a double DIN stereo


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          Originally posted by GodKingAmit View Post
          They make metra kits for any car that can accomodate a double DIN stereo
          there you go.... issue solved