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Homemade Wood Grain Dash

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  • Homemade Wood Grain Dash

    You may have seen my other post but I'm going to make a new one to show off my project. I did these today with existing dash pieces. Any trim piece of any shape or size can be done since it's just painting.

    Here are the pieces I did today...

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    Faux painted and cleared? Looks real nice. You going to share your process?
    I've been wondering how to do a wood look, even though I've done several paint treatments on walls it never dawned on me to do it to car parts!


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      I respect the homemade stuff for sure, but I have to share something else I've come across...

      They do all sorts of patterns and faux finishes.. from carbon fiber to wood grain to dollar bills!
      DON'T PANIC.

      Previous install pics in 2k3 S10

      Project CarPc V2


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        Looks good... can we get more details please?


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          is this for a 2G TL?....the shiftgate looks familiar

          nice work by the way.

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            Brian @Nexations Creations

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              It's in a 2003 Lincoln LS. It's actually really simple. I laid down a reddish base coat (ended up using primer for it). Then I brushed on some brown leather paint and used the seran wrap method of getting the pattern. Clear coated it and it's a wrap.


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                who makes brown leather paint color?

                could you please be more specific about what paint, like was it Krylon in a spray can, or did you use more expensive professional paint?



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                  It was all cheap paint from True Value hardware stores. The primer was a spray can, generic brand. The brush on paint I can't remember the brand but it was not a sprayable paint.