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  • Mounting Computer in Trunk

    Hi all,
    Sorry i am such a n00b but what can ya do? So I am in the middle of making a case (acrylic with metal carefully placed within it) I was just wondering what is the best way to mount the case into the car?

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    The method of mounting isn't as important as that it's mounted securely.
    Some have used strapping. Some have used angle-brackets. Some have used velcro or bungee cords (neither of which I'd recommend).
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Industrial strength Velcro... you could try that. How about putting some holes in the case, getting some rubber spacers, lay the case on it's side, screw the case down on top of rubber spacers. That's how my hard drive is mounted in my case, so I would venture a guess that you're case could be mounted the same way. Give it a shot...
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        I was thinking about possibly using the cd changer bay, putting a piece of securing a piece of wood there and then drilling into the wood. It would work but I don't really want my computer on that side. Thanks for the suggestions... i will figure out something and let y'all know what I come up with and how well it works.


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          You could always strap it in like i did if that's even an option. Its very secure as I've taken many corners very quickly

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            I'm using a protective casing around the computer I built. It has a wooden base. I'm going to be using the industrial velcro (the style that is hard on both sides), and stapling that to the bottom of the "outer wooden case" that my comptuer will be mounted in. This velcro sticks very well to the carpeting that most car companies use. I've done this in the past with amps and speaker boxes. In every case I've used it, it has performed well. I'll get pics once it's done, right now I don't have pics.

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              My case sits flat on the floor of the trunk in a shallow area up under the rear package tray. Industrial Velcro strips on the bottom of the case keep it from sliding around.


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                not to follow suit, but I also testify to the industrial velcro. I've used it for my sub boxes and other things, and it really holds strong. My setup has the sub box screwed into the trunk floor, and the computer case attached to that with velcro. As a back up, it's strapped to the box, just in case.
                You could also just screw through the bottom or side of the case that will be adjacent to the mounting surface...
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