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Fiberglass Carputer Case?

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  • Fiberglass Carputer Case?

    Hello Everyone!
    I am not all that new here, I have been trolling the forums getting some ideas and what not. Basically I have seen everyone's setups and they are all KICK ***! But I was thinking about instead of using a plain ole' metal case how about a fiberglass case? Anyone have ideas about a fiberglass case? has it been done? CAN it be done?


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    Fiberglass is hard to get straight and flat, and is not very strong unless it's curved, so if you plan on making a FG case, keep that in mind. It usually looks a lot cleaner when you make it out of metal. If you want, you can make the case from metal, and make a FG enclosure to go around it to add shape and interest to it.

    It's been done, use the search feature that can be found on this website, and I'm sure you'll find more than you thought possible.

    BTW welcome to the forum!
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      I'm working on a semi fiberglass case, the bottom is wood, so will the front and top panel. If I had a mini itx mb I would have just gotten this: pretty cheap too.


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        Of course it can be done, I'd suggest looking at some people who have made fiberglass amp racks/enclosures and get some idea's there

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          its not necessary
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            plexiglass works well. here's my messy first test install with my custom plexi case