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  • Electrical question

    I am trying to set up a motor that when I turn on the ignition it will turn one way and raise a monitor and when the ignition turns off it would go the other way lower it. Plus I want to put in a switch to allow me to move it while I am driving, either to close it all the way or tilt it to block some sun.

    Also it ill have micro switches for limit switches. I have the micro switches set up and working by putting diodes on each switch, this allows me to be able to reverse or move forward the motor.

    My question has to do with the ignition setup. I am guessing in order to do the lowering I would use a normally closed relay switch, that way when the ignition comes on the switch would open.

    My problem is with the opening switch, if I used a normal open relay switch when the power is applied it would close and raise the monitor. When it was in the fully open position the limit switch would open the circuit and stop. But if I try to use a switch to lower it some while the ignition is on it would just go back to the fully open position because the relay would still be closed.

    I hope this makes since.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    It is not suggested to switch something on after the ignition is off.

    I think it is more advisable to prepare a mechanics, that is on, when the ignition is on and returns its original position without power (by a spring or simple gravity).

    In other words: without power it is at the endpoint, and you control the way toward the other endpoint.
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      The set up I described is the same as my sunroof which is factory installed. With the exception it does not open with ignition on but closes with ignition off. It is not spring loaded.


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        OK, I did not say it is impossible, just not advisable. It won't be factory made...

        What about a cheap controller? PIC controls transistors that drives relays.
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          Thanks I will research pic controllers


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            just get a power windows setup with auto up feature....its a little module and some relays and a power windows switch.
            then all you need is a 12v motor.

            or steal the sunroof system from another car with the auto close...
            from the wreckers of course.

            then all you need is the limit sensors...or micro switches
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              Ill second the power window motor controllers, no reason to reinvent the wheel on this one.


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                The type of setup you are trying to get seems simple but can easily get really complex.
                The power window module has a vol/cur limiter connected to a latching relay, once the motor gets to full extension it shuts power down to the motor, they are adjustable for the current.
                Been a long while since Ive used one, but if I remember correct, it is on full open or full closed only, so if to want to also be able to give the motor pulses to angle it, or apply a position that isnt full up or full down, then you will need to set up some more relays for this operation usually revere polarity wiring scheme.
                Im rusty though its been a couple 5 years.

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                  Thanks for all the inputs.
                  I am thinking I could use a on off on momentary switch and my limit switches I have already made up this would take care of my tilting.

                  Then to auto close use a NC relay so that it opens when the ignition is turned on. The limit switch would kill the power the motor win finished closing.

                  For the auto open I could use time delay relay system like this. That way the relay opens after a set time and would reset when the ignition was turned off. By the relay opening I now would have control again by the momentary switch.

                  I might even use the time delay setup for the close that what it would just be a back up incase something failed it could kill the power since this would be powered while the key is off.