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ipod built into 300zx dash

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  • ipod built into 300zx dash

    First and foremost i want to say i did this in about 3 hours and in no way is it my final product. i am going to go through and remake every thing so that it doesn't look like i did it in 3 hours. here we go

    well it started off i didn't have a radio but i had an ipod, amp, sub, and speakers and i thought why buy a cd player when i have the ipod. i must be able to hook it up to the amp. which i did using a head phone to rca cable right into the amp. i then took it a step further when i wanted to be able to turn the amp on and off when car was running. so i ran a wire through the center console, popped out the space filler next to the heated mirrors switch i had an extra switch so wired it up and popped it in works great. then one day for unknown reason i set my ipod up against the air vent and noticed its a perfect fit! i thought i must put it in there... air conditioning doesn't work anyways. i then started working on that when i figured hey my steering wheel had volume control why not make that work too... but that part i don't believe i will be able to work because of how it operates using the original radio. if you have any input on how to do that hit me up. thanks.

    you need to take out the vent. i dont have any pics of me doing this but its pretty simple just pry out and tilt to get out. i also took out the vent tube. you want to run the cables, i ran a power cable as well as the audio. while looking at the hole the radio goes in the there is a good place on the left side.

    I started with a ipod docking station

    then i opened it up, it wont fit other wise. cut so it looks some what like this. make sure you can screw the chip back down.

    then you want to place the docking station inside the vent hole i am choosing not to mount this down because the backer i made keeps it where it needs to be plus it moving helps with putting the ipod in and taking it out. you will then need to take the insulation out so you can slide the docking station under the lip of the vent. also cut small section out for the plug itself to fit

    i made the backer out of hard plastic... was actually a small trash can. i didn't quite have the tools to do this to perfection note the uneven cuts. but works none the less. ill redo some time soon. the good thing is there is a metal frame all around the hole i am currently using a strong adhesive to secure the backer but i may make brackets instead.

    i then made a small hole in the middle which i screwed a screw into, i used a extra one from the docking station. this is used to pull the backer into place and can be removed after adhesive is cured.

    then all that is left is to place in you ipod and rock on!!!!

    here is the switch i put in for the amp on and off

    here is a pic of what it looks like from the drivers seat.

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    Is it hard to see the screen while driving?


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      no i set the back light to always be on. another person had said they thought it would be hard to control from there but its really not. i can pretty much look at the road and use my peripheral vision to change volume/tracks whatever.


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        Very slick, cant wait to see the prettied up install pics.