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How could I build this Hinge? See animation.

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  • How could I build this Hinge? See animation.

    Hey Guys,

    I am trying to make a control knob for my computer flip out from underneath my arm rest. The tricky part is that I need it to lock in place when it is both under the arm rest and when it is out in front. Obviously I need some sort of hinge but I cannot figure out how to lock it in place in both positions. It will need to be very sturdy because my hand will rest on it when it is flipped out. An ideas would be a big help. Thanks!


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    I had a similar idea to fit my SpaceNavigator in my IS300. I envisioned it more like the controller slides out and up, remaining upright and horizontal the whole time. The locking mechanism will just keep it up, the track will keep the controller rigid. This will also remove the need to slightly tilt up your armrest.
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      remember, linear actuators can generally not be backdriven, so if the whole assembly is actuated by anything using a worm gear it fundamentally "locks" at whatever position you stop the actuator in.
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        ok do you want it to be motorised? cos if not it you could get hold of a hinge and lid from a junkyard of a second generation ford mondeo ashtray? it's a kind of concentric motion hinge, that flips open and lowers at the same time. then you could counter weight the lowering motion against a false floor that would rise as the top door lowers. if not confined to the space within the ashtray, you could fabricate a lid and enclosure to any size you needed. all you would then need to do is to cut into wherever you want to mount it. i guess you could actuate it too, but you would need a multi-stage actuator, and thats not my strong point!
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          regular "offset style hinge "
          pivot is in the center of the lower level,,,unerderside.
          drill through your z axis on the bottom layer the boar out some spots then make the inverse on the static side....picture a standard door hinge.
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            here's something to consider:

            Use a slide (similar to a kitchen drawer) and when the piece is at the limit of the slide (drawer all the way open), it allows the piece to flip up, then it can slide back in a little bit (closing the drawer a little) to "lock" the piece in,

            it is kinda hard to describe, but would work perfect for what you're trying to do.

            the round piece "A" (not a wheel, just round) is a little thinner than piece "B". "B" can't go past the slide limits, but "A" can so that it can be swiveled down. Because you have two points in the slide it will lock in a horizontal position, but one can come out of the slide to allow the unit to swivel and then lock in the other position.

            Hope this helps you visualize!
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              Thank you guys for you input. I truly appreciate you time and help. I hope I may someday be able to return the favor.