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Please help to to find a place to install the monitor

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  • Please help to to find a place to install the monitor

    Here are some pics i can't figure out where to put the monitor. the car is a 2001 maxima, and already got a installation kit with single din opening. I'm planning on installing a headunit too because there is a bose amp and don't have enough money to replace it and I listen to the radio once in a while so i need the tuner also

    Pics insdie the car

    Install kit

    2001 Nissan Maxima SE

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      I would just the bazel you have and modify it so that the screen would go in the double din where the radio already is.

      Then for the head unit buy one with a detachable faceplate and mount it out behind the glove box or somewhere out of sight and solder wires to faceplate connection to the faceplate then you can mount the faceplate like in the sunvisor.



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        You can get double din install kit and mount the display there. Then instead of spending $ on a headunit, put more $ towards an amp.

        Wow, that wood trim's gonna be tossed out?!


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          thanks a lot. Yea its sad the wood trim look real good but a screen there would look even better, don't have much for a headunit and i already got a HU from my cousin and luckly its a detachable face one so i guess i should considor tang's idea. i want to do an amp but they just cost too much not enough on a college students budget lol. thanks again
          2001 Nissan Maxima SE


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            D roc. You can get a 4 channel amp for $100 even or less without haggling. I mean quality stuff. My car and yours are basically the same and i've seen double din faceplates for your 01 max. Check

            Good luck with everything.
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              gokee thanks man lookin everywhere for a double din kit. the reason why i'm hooking a head unit is coz i listen to the radio often so i need a tuner and the tuner card's don't really work for me.
              2001 Nissan Maxima SE