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Need help/input on my work in progress...I'm losing my ash-tray!!!

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  • Need help/input on my work in progress...I'm losing my ash-tray!!!

    Sooo...I have 2 very beautiful cars which I'm gathering ideas for. A 91' Cadillac Brougham De'Elegance, and a 93' Cadillac DeVille. Both are in "Near Excellent" condition and deserve a proper, good-looking installation with a near-stock appearance.

    NOTE: that these are not pics of MY cars but pics gathered elsewhere on the internet. My digital camera isn't available for another week or so.


    91' Cadillac Brougham De'Elegance

    91' Cadillac Brougham De'Elegance
    I think I want to put the Cd-Player where the ash-tray is and make a mount where the deck would pull out slightly and the front ash tray cover would flip down to reveal the deck...when closed it would conceal the deck and appear to be a stock ash-tray. Just as well I would like to take a stock stereo and modify the face to fit over the screen...appearing stock as well. Just nice security features...

    Or I could put the Cd-Player in place of the Climate Control and put that where the ash tray is with a custom bezel/mount. This would appear more clean I am sure but then removes the car's stock appearance.

    The problem here is simply that NO Ash-Tray is NO GOOD. So I'm curious what most folks in this situation would do.

    Any Input, experience in this procedure, or pics of similar work would be greatly appreciated.

    Here's a similar setup of what I intend to do (minus the bulky install in place of the ash-tray).


    93' Cadillac DeVille

    93' Cadillac DeVille
    Here's a very simple install. Not much to say as the pic explains it all. Though input and suggestions are much needed as I am again losing my ash-tray...which I am in much need of. Perhaps I could just fab a bezel and mount the Cd-Player where the ash-tray is and then mount the ash-tray below the Cd-Player? Very aggravating...I want to start fabbing.


    So on and so-forth...
    My goals in this installation are to keep things as stock as possible so that the cars can be put back together to their original state eventually. I have spare dash parts (bezels and such) so these can be modified, but the dash (being leather/vinyl/plastic or whatever) must stay stock with no modifications...everything else must be modified to fit the dash. I measured and am for the most part certain that all can be accomplished.

    So what can I do...I'm looking for an SuperHero!!!

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    ok well the first thing i would say would be STOP SMOKING!!! haha! but if, like me you're a nicotine monster could you not relocate your factory head unit in the glove compartment or under the seat and leave the ashtray well alone? or you could fab a new ashtray in your center console/armrest? or you could just flick the ash out of the window......

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      how bout getting one of theose slot style and sneaking it between?
      then you just make a *cough* slit....

      i smoke too but never use the ashtray.....everything goes out the window...
      if its dry season I use a pop can in a cup holder.

      good luck
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