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Fiberglass subwoofer box.

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  • Fiberglass subwoofer box.

    Hi Guys

    I decided to make a Fiberglass sub box for my tazz and share my experiance as a tutorial.
    This is how it came out.

    What you need:
    11L of Fiberglass resin
    6m of Fiberglass mat
    5 Roles of thick Masking Tape
    10 meters of Foil
    Stretch material
    Carton Boxes
    Spot Putty
    Wooden round sticks
    Sanding Papper
    And you need alot of paitance for the job ahead!!!. And you are going to itch a lot!!!

    Firstly I took out my old Box.

    Because I did not want to struggle to take out my spare wheel I
    decided to mount it to the back of my Back seat, so that when I
    leaned the seat forward I could easy retreive the wheel.

    I cutted out the shape of the wheel in the base wood.

    Then I started to build out of carton box for the moulding of the Fiberglass.

    Just for curiosity I then placed all my equipment in to see how it would fit best.

    Then I started to apply the whole trunk spase with masking tape.
    After the whole trunk had masking tape inside I covered that with a layer Foil.
    Note: You have to do this to be able to remove the moulded Box.
    And believe me with all the precausions I took I struggled to remove the box!.
    I then started to paint Fiberglass mat and ressin to get the inside mould of the trunk.

    After 3 layers of Fiberglass you can remove the fiberglass mould from your trunk.

    Now you must apply3 more Layers to the box.
    With a permanent marker you can scetch where you need to cut off the excess fiberglass

    Now you can do a test for fitment.

    Cut out the rings for the Subwoofers and see if thei fit.

    With the round wooden sticks make a placement for your sub rings. I
    used a gluegun for the job. Use enough glue for this step or else the
    frame will break when you pull over the stretch material.
    I then placed the subs in the wooden rings to see if my trunk still

    Now you can stretch the cloth over the box and be sure you
    use enough glue on the sides t secure the moulding.
    Also note that when you glue on the sides that you go way down
    because when you apply ressin over the cloth it will pull loose.

    Now start you can start to paint on ressin to the cloth. I think it is called fleecing.
    The fleesing is not strong enough for the box.You need to put 5 to 7 layers
    of fiberglass and ressin to complete the prosess.

    Now for the hard work...
    Now you have to sand off the excess fiberglass and apply Bodyputty and also
    need to applie spotputty for small bubbles.
    I sanded about 18 hours for the right result.

    Cut out of wood the back board and the board that comes over your amps.
    The bottom wood I just carpeted.
    After all the sanding and hard work I ended up with this.

    C&C are welcome or any quistions. O Yey exquise my English I spoke it since I was Twice,,, he he

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    good job and nice tutorial!.. my only question is your design.. you have two ports pointed directly at each other. Wont that cause all sorts of frequency distortions? Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      I dont actualy know, It sounds perfectly fine to me.


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        great first post!!!

        And good job on the trunk, where did you put your other amp?

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          Dennis: The other amp is underneath the Top one, It is seperated by a piece of Wood.


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            Mad props on this one. Love what you did with the spare tire.

            Thumbs up.


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              nice install man, defo given me some ideas for the woo of doom. sick props to thee
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                Great job, very original
                My Install


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                  Nice install! All the effort you put into it paid off. How long did it take total?


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                    Well, it almost took me a month, but I could of been much sooner, I waited for more cash and offtime so that I could finnish the project.


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                      supa sweeet
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                        what kind of foil did you use? was it just aluminum foil or like plastic wrap?


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                          It was aliminium foil. You just have to be sure that underneath the foil you have enough masking tape, so that the resin does not penitrate to your interior.


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                            Good job on that, I like that idea for the full size spare cause donuts suck.


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                              Real nice explanation on how to fiberglass!
                              current projects