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  • Custom door/lock mechanism

    I am modding an 03 accord for a carpc located in the CD storage bin. There is a door to this bin and I want to keep it functional. It looks as if I am going to have to remove the original opening/closing/locking mechanism and fabricate my own to keep the door in the down/closed position. I tried searching the forums and found a few projects where this was done, but no details on how it was achieved.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    my ideas (in order of complexity):
    • use no locking mechanism and no spring, this way the door will simply stay where you leave it (or until you hit a bump, kinda annoying)
    • have a 'tongue' clasp that the door locks into. It would have to release hold of the door when pressed, kind of like clicking of a ballpoint pen combined with one of those door latches for home theater cabinets.
    • use no locking mechanism but have a gear system that uses friction/inertia to keep the door from moving (which is kinda similar to the current setup)
    • use a stepping motor and control board to move door up and down. mostly pointless and likely to break, but kinda cool.

    related links:
    this post contains a custom install where the guy fabricated a door:

    this guy put a screen in the exact same location and kept the original door working, but I was looking for a 'cleaner looking install'. But he cut away at the hinges just as I will need to do:

    pictures of my storage bin: (warning, larges files) (full view) (door open) (door closed)

    horrible paint drawing of where screen would be located and what parts of the current hinge/closing mechanisms have to be removed: (door closed)

    any help/advise is appreciated, thanks!

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    get dupe of this mechanism, put it on the top.
    the rotation will not matter as a jointed pring or pivoted ball (like wiper motor, or getto jail tatoo gun) will do the trick.

    so now when the mech rotates it will pull or push the door from the top.

    if you use a spring from the back you will get the benefit of more leveraged distance.
    short spring and a lever to release it, this will give the long movement from the spring in a short space,
    think switch blade but slower...good luck tuning it tho.

    i dont see why the mech as is needs to go tho
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