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Wood or fiberglass?!

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  • Wood or fiberglass?!

    So here is my dilema - I am trying to put my 7" lilliput in my jeep dash. It is a pretty simple dash, no curves, just mostly straight lines. You think it would be a piece of cake, and maybe it wouldbe if I wasn't a newbie... So I did my searching... google these boards, others... no one has had the same problem as me, well atleast no one I could find and post about. So I would like some fab advice/ideas... I am not sure if I want to go solid maple or try my hand at fiberglassing. Here are some interior pics.

    Then I took it apart...
    Glare is a big issue, which is why I want to keep it kinda low on the dash. I was thinking of putting it where the climate is now, move the climate over to where the old head unit is.
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    Project Page - 1993 Wrangler Jeeputer
    Progress Meter {**-------} 15% most of the parts are in or have been ordered... Assembly has begun!!!!