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Third atempt of carpc install

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  • Third atempt of carpc install

    Hi folks. first i was trying to install my pc in glove box at the front. not enough space, than i tried to rebuild complete centre dash. Again to tight. Dumped the idea to install pc at the front and going ahead with install at the back with amp. Started manufacturing pc case. The materials i use i take from the dump, mainly old pc cases, than cut, grind, sand, weld. So far i have finished the lid. Here are some pics of second atempt and new carpc case lid.
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    glove box screen

    i have two 7" touchscreens. The firs is from my previous car pc setup VM7100 ( and the second one is in-dash lilliput.
    The firs one goes on top of the glove box lid.
    I have manufactured lcd frame from pc case front panel. Have took of the plastic panel, cut in two halfs and fiberglassed inside, filler on top. the good thing is that 5.25" case bays are exact size as my lcd.
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      Great job! Way to recycle.


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        Modified cabling

        Just finished modifying cables with blue UV rective cable sleaving kit, every single one of them
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          Looks good. Did you make the cables too or just modify them?
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            Wow, i'm loving the cables, why didn't i ever think about doing that...haha
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              Going towards the completion

              After some time, all the bist are starting to take shape . The CARPC is almost finished, the pc and amp mounting shelf completed, soon will be getting sound system. Here are some photos
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                I will be using centrafuse in my car. The Startup sound annoys me, i found a better one if some one iterested (Place it in skin folder)
                (Forum flash player distorts the sound)
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                  Nice work!
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                    the box.

                    Here is the box for the boot to hold amp and pc and to hide all the cables
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                      call me the nit pickker but i hope that isnt a sub box :S


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                        I say you build me a PC case just like that (if it fits a micro atx).

                        Been looking for a cool one, and that's pretty cool. Looks like good air flow too~


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                          Originally posted by Seth_jxl View Post
                          call me the nit pickker but i hope that isnt a sub box :S
                          You must be joking
                          I'll have separate sub box. Considering buyng focal's.
                          The case is for mini itx, size is 17.5 x 23 cm. icro atx wouldnt fit.
                          Got all the wiring done in my car. Just need a sound system.
                          Does any one knows about alpine f550 amp?


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                            Wow. Very nice looking case ya got. Shame it doesnt fit MicroATX. You should mass produce that thing and sell it.

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                              Originally posted by PontiacGA View Post
                              Wow. Very nice looking case ya got. Shame it doesnt fit MicroATX. You should mass produce that thing and sell it.

                              If you get the time, can you take pics of the power going into the box? It looks like the case is pretty removable in the event you need to take it inside to work on it, which is ideal.


                              Found these for anyone in the US. Not sure if there are cheaper/better ones out there.

                              UV Cable Wrap Kit (blue) Newegg $9.99+shipping