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How to hold up the rings??

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  • How to hold up the rings??

    Hey guys, I am new to fiberglassing and I started a project in my rsx and its turning out like it should, but I get to the part where I need to mount the mdf rings to the box with dowels. My question is what glue did you guys use to hold the mdf ring to the fiberglass and to the dowels? Also is there an easy way to hold the rings up instead of me holding the rings till they dry? Thanks you guys for lookin and helping.

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    I believe most people recommend/use a hot glue gun.

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      Yea I have read about people using that, just wanted to know if hot glue is going to dry real fast and so I dont have to hold the dowels thanks again. Also I went to a car audio place to ask what they used as glue and they said some kind of metro glue? If you know about this and if it works let me know how it does and where I can get some thanks


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        hot glue is really more of like a wax/plastic mix, when heated becomes a liquid/gel, and once cool solidifies again, so there is not drying time persay, just a short cooling time. real short.
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