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LCD motorized by DVD drive

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  • LCD motorized by DVD drive

    After searching this forum I can't find something like this. I'm thinking to install my setup into the dashboard and would like to get access of the dvd combo drive behind the lcd screen.
    I'd like to get your opinion in order to turn it possible.
    Comments please!
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    if you were using a standard DVD combo it would be easy, since the drive would flip the LCD down and back up and all you need is a specially designed hinge. but the laptop type does not have any power to push or pul the screen.

    I'd simply put a hinge at the bas of the LCD and have a lock at the top (magnetic if sheilded) you simply flip the LCD down (put a stopper too) and flip it up once the dvd is loaded.


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      Yes, will use a std combo dvd. ill also need to design a special double hinge to put between the face of dvd and back of lcd. In addition will need to design 2 small arms which they will take care of the lcd weight but easily sliding into the rails at an acute angle.
      Also could be created a button in any roadrunner skin to open and close the dvd drive by software.


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        depending onthe drive, i dont reckon you'll need any special hings for the LCD, even a single door hinge at the base willl work, the dual arms sliding thing will complicate the case more and you still need the base hinge anyway.

        pioneer's usually are very stronge, and are not designed to close by pushing the tray (they will if you push hard enough though)

        i might even use some rubber bands or weak springs for the sides, you can then do away withthe rom to lcd hinge


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          Good idea to use a spring-hinge. I was thinking about dual arms in order to avoid vertical component weight on the dvd bay even a weak one. But, a lightweigth spring would be better. I'll need only to calibrate correctly the spring strength. You're right, less parts less troubles.
          Thanks for the good idea.
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            looks good, only thing i'd be worried about now though is if the dvd was to jump/skip in the drive, laptop drives were designed to hold the dvd a lot better than the desktop ones,


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              you're right. i'll do some shock test to see how will be its behavior in extreme conditions. also i'll put some rubber shoes to fix the dvd on the case trying to reduce these effects. i'll post here the results and maybe a small video showing the test.

              I found this old thread and it give us some good and bad infos


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                just wondering if you have got anywhere with this yet as i am thinking of doing exactly the same. however i have been looking at using a small actuator to open and close the screen. my problem is that i am not sure how the actuator can be controlled, e.g how to instruct it to push or pull and your design would be much easier to make.



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                  still not complete yet. i've no time to spend on it nowadays. hope try to advance on my installation project this weekend which you'll can follow here
                  everything seems to fit into the dashboard.



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                    Yesssss it rocks!!!!!

                    Hi all,

                    This weekend I went to my carpc project again and give some progress!

                    The lcd motorized by dvd drive (not fully, yet!!) is ready to go! Take a look on this video!!!

                    I'd like to hear your comments and get opinions about how to close the lcd automatically.




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                      That looks pretty cool. To close it why not attach some springs or something to the lcd so it closes with the tray...or is it to heavy to do that


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                        Thanks BREWDOG52,

                        i think that dvd drive doesnt has enough strength to open lcd added by the resistence of the springs.
                        also ill try to close the lcd using a rubber or something else attached to lcd and dvd tray.



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                          I mean, attach the springs to the tray and when the tray closes it will pull the lcd back into place, and when it's opening it will still be able to slide against the lcd to open...don't know if that makes sense...but it will depend if the drive tray has the power to "pull" the lcd back in place...which it should.


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                            it's a good idea! using a small spring and glue it between lcd back and dvd tray may work. but, first i'll try to use a wire to see if dvd has enough power to pull lcd back to place.

                            but, if it doesnt work. is there a way to put more power to the dvd motor? or i'll need to aliviate the weight of the lcd maybe using a counter weight thing.

                            thank you!