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My screen dilema.

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  • My screen dilema.

    Hello there!

    Not many people would / have attempted my idea. I just want to fit a carputer into a golf MK1 GTi 1982.

    Yeah, it's old but hey

    Anyway, screen positioning, well, lets say.. It's minimal.

    I don't want to fork out 250 - $500 for a flip up, plus it's gonna get stolen. It's a cabrio, so i don't want to risk getting the roof torn.

    Anyway, the hole where i want to put a vga touchscreen is exactly... wait for it..

    10cm x 19.5cm. Can i install one in this space?

    This is the MAX space i can get out of the area. So obviously screen size would need to be smaller.

    Is there any units which would fit into this slot. I understand that a 7" would be pushing it. Are there any ebay unit available this size?

    Thank You!

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      The only screen I can think of on ebay is a Lilliput EBY701 7" screen. Looks like the dimensions are about 11.43cm x 19.65cm. I'm sure you could make it fit once the screen is out of its casing.
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        Sounds kinda like my situation. Im broke, so buying a new monitor is out of the question. I already have a monitor from another install years ago but its way to big for the hole. Maybe you can do what I am trying to rig up. The monitor will fit inside the actual double din hole. Not in front like a good clean install. Behind everything mounted to the back of the dash as close as possible. The hole is just about same size as viewing area on my screen. Dash may cover up a bit of it but hey, we do what we gotta do. Only problem is this monster bezel that Im trying to make is going to get me divorced. Kinda hard to make one like 3" deep and looking good. Anyway sorry no pics. I hope this gave you some Ideas.


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          Tiny screen

          If you can take the "hit" of not having a touchscreen and figuring out a mouse system, you can always hit up ebay for some really cheap older laptops. I am planning on buying one for my car.

          There are a TON of 1-5$ old mini laptops that even if they don't work, the screen probably will.


          Careful though. Check out what screen is inside the laptops, a lot of older laptops have older LCD controllers that are not supported any more.