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how to make a aux input switch

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  • how to make a aux input switch

    hey, i searched the forums and the fabrication section but i came up dry.

    i wanna fabricate something like the soundgate aux 3.

    does anyone know how to do it?

    i googled it and found a how to but it doesn't specify what parts or i dont understand it to wek.. .sorry.. im a n00b

    thanks for the help anyone

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    The most rudimentary solution would be to have the three source RCA cables and plug whichever pair you want to use into your input. Obviously that's not a good solution, but electrically that's what you need to accomplish.

    Rather than unplug and plug in wires, you can use a switch. Each RCA cable has the outer shield or ground (the outer metal ring you can see at the end of the connector) and the signal (the smaller inner contact). You'll connect the grounds together for all of your sources and your input, and then use a switch to select which source signal gets connected to the input. If you use a "double-pole" switch, it's essentially two switches in one, so you can have it switch the left and right channels simultaneously.

    Next, if you want three inputs like the device you mentioned, you'll need a "triple-throw" switch, meaning that it has three positions. (An "on/on/on" switch, if you come across that description. Some are "on/off/on" meaning that nothing is connected when the switch is in the middle position.)

    So, a double pole triple throw switch is what you'd need. Sometimes abbreviated as DP3T or 2P3T or even DPTT. Those are a little hard to find, but if you only have two inputs you'll find millions of DPDT switches.

    You'll find some selection of switches at a local electronics store, like even Radio Shack. Electronics websites like and have thousands of switches, but can sometimes be overwhelming. Maybe someone knows of a better place to find a more automotive-style switch?

    Hey this guy is selling what you need, but looks like he's in Hong Kong... You can probably find a better option. (Oh, unless you're in Hong Kong too? You didn't list your location...)

    Sorry if that just leaves you with more questions, but that's at least a basic overview. Maybe that'll at least help you search better? I will say that some people are probably ready to write a ranting response to me saying that sometimes you can get a pop or a "bang" when you flip a switch across inputs, or that you can sometimes get a ground loop (causing buzzing noises and such) if you tie all the grounds together incorrectly... But I'd say that if you're up for experimenting a bit, this'll get you started and if you run into problems you can look into how to address them.

    Or you can pay the $50 for a Soundgate and be done with it.
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      This should move to the car audio section. Just get the aux3. I have one and works great.


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        thanks fordnomore. thats very helpful. i wasn't sure what type of switch to use. but i was looking at the aux 3. i think i'll just use that. it has to be powered though doesn't it?

        are there any alternatives to the aux3?

        how do i move the thread?


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          Yes it requires 12V ignition and ground. I think JL AUDIO makes another audio switcher as well.