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Er, did I screw myself?

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  • Er, did I screw myself?

    Hey, started out on my sub enclosure. Maybe should have thought it through more.....

    It's a sealed box for a 10" sub. Do you think I have enough room to start laying more fiberglass through the opening? Should I try to rip it off to gain access? Cut the back off the box? I'd rather lay the glass from the back to keep the nice curves on the outside.

    Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    dude, just lay the glass from the front, do it in small batches and keep it from lumping up and you will have a smooth enclosure.
    dont get me wrong you will still need to use alot of bondo but you are doing it the right way. no worries!
    i like to mix up the resin and paint it on then cut the glass in paper sized sheets and lay ontop of the fleece.


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      I built one of my boxes that way before and it is not a big deal to lay the glass on the outside. Just make sure you have a palm sander with some ruff sandpaper to sand down the frayed fiber edges between each layer.