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  • fiberglass enclosure

    i am making a fiberglass enclosure that will go in the side of my trunk to save room i have made the back of it, i am getting ready to mount a speaker ring with dowels but my question is when i stretch the fabric over the ring and behind the back then i put the fiberglass resin on the fabric is the resin the only thing holding that holds the fabric on or do i wrap faberglass around the back of the box im nbot sure about this part i know i put layers of fiberglass on the front. thanks for any help

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    its personal preference tbh.

    I'd tack the fabric to the back then resin over the top. Once its done I'd then do a quick once over the back with filler just to make it extra secure and more tidy.
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      I streched the fleece and allowed an overlap onto the MDF at the back of my enclosure (compostite of MDF top, back and floor with FG frontand sides) the fleece stretched over the mdf and was actually attached to the mould, soak the fleece that is in contact with the MDF and it should bond directly to it. I went a step further and spread FG reinforced filler on all the internal seams. Check my build thread for pics.
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