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    First things first, I want to thank everyone in these forums, I have read alot and finally got the info and confidence to build my project. Although it is not typical (sub box in the trunk etc), maybe my progress will help others thinking about doing the same. I am in the beginning phases of building an enclosure for my 03 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4X4 Auto. I got tired of using a boom box, and using bungees to tie it down. Mostly I wanted something cool that no one else (at least no else I know) has. I have seen ATV enclosures online but boy are they pricey. For now I am going to use a stock radio from an old Ford Ranger I had out in the shed and some crap speakers some one had given my a while back. Later I plan on getting a Marine Radio kit so I can spray it down at the same time I spray off my quad.
    I went to the local craft store and bought all the Styrofoam sheets they had. 1st learning experience. Don't do that. At 12 dollars a piece ya don't need 8 of them... but it was a good thing I did, because learning experience 2 says K.I.S.S. and the way I tried the first time, was not simple.
    What I have done now, is layed them flat and glued them together with Styrofoam glue.
    First I took an outline of my front rack to give me a template. and then traced it onto 4 sheets of foam. cut each out with a band saw. L.E. 3, band saw is great but will cause heat and the heated Styrofoam will slowly cake on the band saw blade, just keep it clean by cutting S's into a piece of wood, cleans it all off. Then I glued all pieces together. I made an out line of what I wanted and where I wanted them and made speaker rings and a cut out slot for the radio. I then cut and 'sanded' it into its final shape. I think I am almost ready to cover the thing in latex paint, cover it with fleece, and go to town on the fiber glass. Here is a picture of what it looks like now. I am going to take a break from it for a few days so if anyone has any comments or suggestions, please let me know.
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    ok, thanks to everyone who has replied, I am applying the glass right now, I have one layer on. There are alot of rough spots where the resin has glumped together, should I sand those areas before the second coat? or wait till the second?


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      sweet! good idea withthe latex as a barier coat.