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  • a little help please

    Heya All

    Just made a surround for my monitor,

    Mounted the monitor, made the framing fit around it etc, now the help

    In the pic below you can see where I start to have trouble

    The idea is that I put a block of mdf behind where the screen should be, then stretch the fleece around it, and out to the top bottom and sides where the vents are,

    The problem is that I want the fleeced bit flush to the vents and bottom, above gives you the indication of the angle, and obv it won't be as the resin'd fleece will be there without adding 2 or 3 layers of matting, which will gove me an uneven finish to trim down.

    Next thought was to put some spacers at the sides of the vents, only 3-5mm thick to give me a bridge effect. It would sit slightly squarer (boxier) at the front where the vents are, appart from the corners but I can live with that. Might look more like a stock finish, which is what I'm after.

    Can anyone see an easier way than doing it like this?

    Not very good at getting streight lines etc so I thought this way. The streightness is the material's thickness and all the lines that I would need to trim were kind-of there already, with the screen and the sides of the vents.

    I only have 1/4 of an inch to play with either side, 12mm streight back, if you put a bit of 12mm mdf square against the sides there is only about a mm gap before the screen. Any suggestions comments are welcome.

    Closer Up Piccy


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    any big pics possible? I think I get what you're saying but I think there are ways to get the angles right with stretched fleece.


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      piccys updated


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        so no1 can help or even attempt it?


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          Look, I'm not an expert here, but I don't want you to think no one cares. I'd suggest you read the Sticky Thread called how to make a factory bezel by turbocad6, and reconsider your choice of fiberglass. There are other material options that will get you where you want to go and not give you the problem you're trying to solve.
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