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anyway to fab webcam mount in grill

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  • anyway to fab webcam mount in grill

    so i am mounting a webcam for when i do autocross and such and will be recording different races and such. My webcam will be out of its "Shell" and will just be the circuit board siliconed so it wont get wet. How would i go about mounting such a thing in the grill of a car. I dont want it to noticeable ...any ideas on mounting such a thing? Thought about making a small plexi box for it or just mounting it to something then attaching it to the frame but it would be hard to clean the little lens when it gets any opinions?

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    Maybe mount it all inside your plexiglass box, including the lens, and position the lens as close to the plexi as possible, so it looks through the plexi. That way you'd only have to clean the plexi if it got dirty, and the actual lens would be sealed inside, along with the circuitry to keep it safe. If the lens is very close to the plexi, I doubt there'd be a loss in quality (if you keep the plexi clean). I mean, it is only a webcam, after all, not as if it records in high definition. Are there any reasonable sized gaps in your grille? Cause you could probably just get away with mounting everything behind the grille, with the lens looking through a gap in the grille. It's usually dark in there behind the grille, so it would probably go unnoticed, unless you were looking for it.

    You might be better off going with a bullet type camera (lipstick style). You can get better quality than a webcam, and a wider angle makes it better to watch. Don't know of any that'll record to a PC, though, as all the ones I've seen require a video cam, unless you can get it to attach to a video card with video in, or even S-video in??


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      Have you considered mounting it inside the car, between the windshield and the rear view mirror? It'll stay clean, and give close to a driver's-eye view. Instead of cleaning the camera lens, you just clean the windshield.
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        how about possibly mounting it into the headlight?


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          Wouldn't mounting it in the headlight give off a ridiculous glare when the lights are on?


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            yea not gonna mount it inside or in a headlight...for inside i have a harness bar mounted camera that i use ....just trying to find some good ways to mount it inside the grill itself but still be able to keep it clean and protected from the elements


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              I was thinking more so of the auto-x/racecar application. With the lights off it would be pretty neat to watch I think especially if you race wheel to wheel.


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                I did the enclosure in the grille. The board and lens worked fine after sitting there and getting whacked with the weather for over a year.

                Here's a link to what I did.

                Good luck!
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                  was looking for something like that thanks a lot

                  the link to the staples site doesnt work but i might just stop in today with the guts of the webcam to see if i can find something