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  • Guys, I need some ideas

    I have completed a swap of a different engine/trans combination into a '86 RX7. I went from a stick to an automatic. The shifter I had to go with fits differently and the shifter bezel needed to be modified.

    I need a cheap and easy way to fill in the spaces shown in the pictures. There are a number of projections on the shifter that cannot be removed so any solid material will have to be clearanced to allow room. The projections come within 1/8 inch or the bezel and any pressure on the filler material cracks it. I have tried particle board but some of the clearances are so thin it just doesn't hold up.

    I have some black leatherette material that I thought about using as a filler, going from the underside of the bezel to under the elastic bottom of the shift boot but never have worked much with it so am not too sure how it would look.

    Please look and see if you can come up with any ideas that are basically easy fab (no bondo or sanding ;=) ) that a mechanic that isn't a body or interior guy could do.

    Any help very much appreciated!!!

    Tnx Fred in Mesquite
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    There are lots of aftermarket shifter boots for trans swaps. You may have to form a metal ring to hold the base to the shape you want.
    Check your local auto parts store, or try these links:
    JC Whitney -- search for "boots".
    Street Beat Customs.
    Yahoo! Shopping.
    If none of those turn up anything you can use, Google "Shift Boots" or "Shifter Boots".
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