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  • Door Panel Speaker Pod

    When making a speaker pod for a door panel I know how to make the pod itself but what goes between the door panel and the door. The speaker will be basically mounted to the door panel, but the speaker will not be air tight to the door.

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    maybe a few piccys might help

    is it a "stuck on" pod

    or do u have a recess for it etc


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      I would like to make a pod where the existing speaker is right now, because the new speaker that I am putting has a deeper mounting depth. Since the hole in the door is not a 6x9 shape. I will have to cut out a 6x9 hole. The widest part of the existing hole is wider than 6. So I will have to make a pod that covers the entire hole. Now making the pod I can do. MDF with fiberglass filler to shape it.

      What I am wondering is what do we do with the area between the back of the door panel and the actual door. Since there will be a space there how do we seal it ?
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        firstly, remove the doorcard n old speaker, check how much room n the constrution on metal, it it just a hole etc n what could get in the way if the speaker was put there

        next measure fron the door card space, around where the speaker is (how much the door card sticks out from the metal itself) best to do this on the inside

        if your lucky you can put the magnet into the hole where the old speaker used to be on the metal, build an mdf baffle, like a frame that the speaker sits on, then place the cover over it direct.

        what you want with minimal effort n work + no1 will know that its uprated so the wont brake in and pinch it


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          Becuase the existing grill in the door panel is an odd shape and is actually bigger than the 6x9 speaker I have to build up on the outside of the door panel and mount the speaker into the doorpanel and not into the door. But I guess after I cut the hole I can measure the space betweent the door panel and the door metal. Cut a MDF baffle to ge between the screw the door panel to the door and then build the pod around the hole. Ok, I guess I was just not thinking.

          I was trying to figure out how can I find out how big the space is between the door panel and the door metal before I even cut the hole.


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            when u remove the goor card if you place it face down, place a ruler/ tape measure onto were the speaker girll is, the highest point, then lay a piece of wood over the top or just do it by eye.

            this way you dont need to cut the hole in the door card, then when u offer the speaker up to see if it will catch on anything you know the ammount of space you have to mount the speaker