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Yeah, mine's an 8-incher (PIC'S-in-dash touch screen fab)

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  • Yeah, mine's an 8-incher (PIC'S-in-dash touch screen fab)

    Sorry I didn't take any progress pic's, but here is where I'm at right now...
    This is a Lilliput 8" touch screen...8" because it fills the width of the DIN opening much better than the 7".
    Basically, I enlarged the height of the opening, removed material from behind to get the display as close to the front as possible, and epoxied it in place...
    Next, I took popcicle sticks (yeah, popcicle sticks), cut 'em and epoxied them in the opening to blend the curved contour of the console to the flat profile of the monitor. Basically, making the ledge all around the display.
    After that came the body filler...lots of sanding...more body filler...
    I have it pretty close to where I want it now, so next it's the scratch-filling primer, spot-putty, sanding, more primer and putty, more sanding and final painting...

    (because of the unevenness of filler around the border, it actually looks worse in 2D than it does in person. Once primed, it'll show off the highs-and-lows that need fixing.)

    You can see where I cut out the ashtray shelf and lighter opening. I'm going to back-fill it with fiberglass, then body-fill the front and mount the push-button starter in there...
    It'll be tricky to get it perfectly flat and flawless!

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    some1 i know has done this, they moved the hazzard switch to the ctr consol


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      looks good, ford focus?
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        Originally posted by Nexson View Post
        looks good, ford focus?
        Well, actually, a SVT Focus