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What do I use to fill pinholes?

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  • What do I use to fill pinholes?

    I went to lowes and home depot and found nothing at all. I'm going to hobby lobby today. What is something really good that I should use to look to fill pin holes.

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    Knifing putty is what your looking for, unfortunately this is the UK name for it and it might be called something completely different where you are.
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      Spot Putty, they have it at wal-mart. it comes in a red and black tube
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        or glaze at the autobody shops...


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          I couldn't find the red/black tube stuff at walmart. I got some other stuff and it works really good, and it's very easy to sand.

          Also got some white primer, man white brings out the flaws. I was using black before because that's all I had. And wow are there flaws. This may take another week of filling, sanding and priming to get rid of a lot of flaws.


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            I use ABS plastic cement, but its a ***** to sand, but has a nice finish on it.