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Fab. question (from '02 Chevy 8" TS thread)

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  • Fab. question (from '02 Chevy 8" TS thread)

    I have a small dilemma, if you take a look at the pictures, you can see that after I put the HVAC control bezel into the overhead console, I put the overlay back on and blended that into the rest of the console using a filler.

    My issue is that since the overlay is black and the rest of the colsole is tan, I don’t know how to separate the two colors when I go to paint it. I think it would look pretty bad if I just have a tape line between the tan and black. Obviously it would be best if I could build up some sort of trim around the plastic overlay so that the color transition would look more factory, but this is my first crack at the whole “fabrication” thing and I would probably do more damage that anything else.

    The pictures below will hopefully clarify my rambling, but in them you can see the “overlay” that im talking about. In the picture it shows me peeling it off of the HVAC bezel. To give you a better idea of what im working with, the overlay is a 1/16 inch thick piece of clear plastic that looks to be painted black from the backside leaving the setting icons almost clear so that the illumination can shine through them making them visible at night. So if need be, or it helps, I can actuallly sand down the top of the overlay and it wont affect anything.

    Hope all of that makes sense.

    Oh, and painting the entire thing black is pretty much out of the question, it would look way out of place against the tan headliner and 90% tan interior.

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    I wish I could offer up some advice, but I'm looking for a solution myself. I'm actually gonna put mine down in the area where the factory tape deck was. There's a guy on here somewhere that did just that... I'll see if I can dig up his post....