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  • Fabrication advice

    Hello , my first stage was just curring the console and install the monitor exactly in the hole
    I want to go to more advanced fabrication to have OEM look.

    I don't have any idea about the materials and shaping methods.

    I know there are tens of posts about that but all are considering a small background about fabrication.

    what are the easiest material , ABS , Fiberglass wood or what for the fascia.

    I need to know the needed materials and used for what.

    Thanks m8s

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    The first thing you might check out is what material your current dash is made from. Anything you use will have to bond to that material.

    It would help if we knew something about your car, your computer, your screen, and so on. Don't ask us to guess; give us too much information, and we'll sort out what we need. Pictures of your work so far will be very helpful. Information on uploading pictures is included below.

    Go to sites like Urethane Supply and learn about bonding various plastic materials. Read lots of threads on MP3Car, even if you don't exactly know what they're writing about. Follow some of the good links to other sites. After a good amount of reading, you'll begin to get it.

    You're not alone; we all started out knowing nothing about this, and we learned . . .

    Good Luck.


    Uploading Pictures to

    It's easy, it's pretty fast, and it keeps your pictures from getting lost or blocked. Size limits are 1524x1524 pixels, and no larger than 2MB per image. Click on User CP in the toolbar, and then Upload an Image. You can do multiple images at a time. Once you get them uploaded, go to User CP in the toolbar, and then My Images, and copy the "BB Code with URL" into your worklog where you want your picture to appear.

    I usually work with two browser tabs open so I can go back and forth between the post and the pictures.

    I also include text to suggest the reader can enlarge the photo(s):

    Click image to enlarge.

    When I put pictures side-by-side, I leave two spaces between them, and I usually leave an open line above and below the pictures.
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      Thanks for your reply

      This is first try with 5" screen in sat nav console.

      and then got the GVA touch screen

      Here is the current status:

      as you see the whole screen is place in the console.

      I want to enhance it.

      The car pc is in the truck , good but needs longs wires and cables.
      Voom 2 does not have PCI slots , I'm not satisfied with the built in VGA and sound.
      I want to design a case that can accept 2 PCI slots, and try to place it some where behind the console , I don't know there is a enough space or not , I 'll check later.