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Dynatron alternative ???

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  • Dynatron alternative ???

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to the forum.
    I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of the best alternatives for Dynatron (Dyna-weld) Flexible bumper repair kit #660. It just doesn't seem to be available here in Australia:confused. Is there a 3M product equivalent???

    A list of possible brands and product numbers/names would be much appreciated.


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    Honestly there is nothing that is just like dynatron that does as good of a job. 3M has something similar, forgot what it is, but its not as good as the dynatron. I bought mine online and I know that there has to be some manufacturer willing to send it to the good ole Aus land. If all else fails let me know and I'll send you some (obviously you'll pay for the shipping and the product, but I'm not tacking on extra fees or anything, just helping out a fellow member)
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      You can buy it on ebay.
      Shipping to Sydney (no idea where you live) was $29 US for base shipping, which is crappy but if it's what you need...
      I don't know off hand of any 3m products that are the same. There may be other bumper repair kits that are good quality that you could pick up there, but it's a bit of a crap shoot.


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        kool... that will work for NZ too same issue here


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          Hey, thanks for the replies guys. Thanks executor, I'll keep your offer in mind if I get stuck, but at the moment I'm having a re-think. I might just end up sticking with what I know for these installs - Fibreglass. I just priced up 3M 5895... $70AUD... and I'm gonna need at a rough guess about 10 tubes... plus Dynatron and shipping out of the states... it's gonna get real expensive