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Putting TS LCD in 08 MDX

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  • Putting TS LCD in 08 MDX

    Hello all!

    I just recently picked up a base model MDX. Already have plans to perform some upgrades. My first goal is to mount a touchscreen LCD onto the center dash (for oem look) where the technology package would normally have its GPS display. I believe its a 8" non-touchscreen LCD. Want to install a carPC. I am trying to find out if its possible, what parts will I need to replace (i.e. buying acura replacement center dash parts from technology model), and how difficult it would be.

    Does anyone have experience or advice?

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    Originally posted by kamui09 View Post
    Does anyone have experience or advice?
    Sure. The best advice is to cruise these forums that cover the topics you want to learn about. As you choose parts for your system, write about them in a worklog (Worklogs are under Show Off Your Project). Provide links and prices to help others. As you install, write about what you do and add pictures of your work in progress.

    Use and .

    Limit your questions to specifics. It's your journey; we don't want to hold your hand every step of it, but we're happy to help you as you need it. We'll enjoy watching your progress and we'll be glad to cheer you on.
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