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94-98 Conversion to 99-04 Mustang 8" screen in dash

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  • 94-98 Conversion to 99-04 Mustang 8" screen in dash

    I decided that I like the bezel layout of the 1999-2004 mustangs better than my current 1995 model. I didn't really like the idea of having to fabricate sucha big portion of the 94-98 bezel so I decided to just try and get a 00 model bezel in my stang and go from there.

    The first thing I did was to remove the plastic part behind the bezel that "held in the cd player". I did this using a dremel and the pics after removal are shown below.

    I also decided to use my stock cd player as my speaker amp (using the aux input). I simply am going to put the cd player behind he screen and run a wire to control the volume, bass, ect. You can see how I secured the cd player (with zip ties) in the pics.
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    Now that the 2000 style bezel could fit I started the fab. process. I purchased a bezel from a local junkyard and the touchscreen I'm using is a dynamix 8" widescreen.

    First I took the lcd housing off and saw how much of the mustang bezel needed to be fabricated.

    As you can see in the pics only about 1.5 inches on each side of the scrren needs to be added.

    I cut some 4.5 X 1.5 Inch pieces from the old lcd housing to use to add to the existing car bezel which will cover up the screen's sides.

    One the pieces were cut, sanded and fitted, I expoxy'ed them onto the bezel and painted.
    Next I simply fit the sceen onto the bezel, glued it down a viola finished. It was a very easy and fast process.

    As you can see from the pics there is still some firther sanding, and painting to be done in order to make this look as stock as possible but once that is done it should look very OEM.
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      Now I just expoy the side onto the bezel, sand, and paint.
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        The screen now fits great with a flush look.
        Also a comparison of the before after of the bezels is shown.
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          Now I had to sand and paint a little more, because of a few rough spots.
          And then glue the screen onto the bezel.
          Once it was glues I attaches the controller boards via the original backplate using screws into the bezel itself
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            Once this was done all I had left was to put all the parts in the car, make some connections and test out how she looked.

            * There are some rough areas that need to be fixed up a little and I will keep you posted as soon as I fix em. But this is a first rough attempt.

            **** Updated Pics with more sanding and new paint****
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              I also took a pic of the Panel I made to control volume, amp power w/ led, and Ipod Input that takes place of the ash tray. (This too is a rough design that must still be sanded and painted to obtain that smooth finish.)
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                Looks great man, i'll be attempting this soon in my 95. Where can i learn about controlling volume and such?

                Do you have any more pictures of you attaching the monitor to the dash bezel, and more pics for the backing of the monitor being attached? I got kinda lost there....


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                  Thanks alot.

                  "Where can i learn about controlling volume and such?

                  There are several different routes you can go to do this. Some are much easier than others and require much less time and money.

                  * The easiest way to do his is by adding a gain knob to your amp (this requires the amp to allow a gain knob output). You can purchase these at a local audio/video store.
                  * Another route you can take is to control the volume directly from the computer. To do this an easy method would be purchasing an old keyboard, that has a volume control knob, and using this. You would have to simply remove the knob connections and extend them to wherever you are planning on putting the knob. Some soldering and knowledge of electronics is required.
                  * You can also buy a usb volume knob from any of several different online retailers. One of the more popular ones used is the griffin powermate. Found here:
                  * A final and more complex way to do this (the way I have it wired) is to run a variable resistor and a switch to control the volume via you amp.


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                    @ nmcgrawj

                    "Do you have any more pictures of you attaching the monitor to the dash bezel, and more pics for the backing of the monitor being attached? I got kinda lost there...."

                    I don't have any more pics right now, but I am going to be making a few upgrades soon and will try and get some more pics then. I can try and explain it a little better then.


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                      What front end and skin is that you have?


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                        The front end is RR and I am using a custumized version of the Shock 6 skin by blk02si.