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i need help!!! F-90 goin into a 2004 accord

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  • i need help!!! F-90 goin into a 2004 accord

    i want to put the pioneer F-90 in where the old radio is. i have a friend that works at a honda dealer and he says theres a circuit board behind the face of the stock radio. i would go with a single din but i dont like the way it looks, plus there is a lot that does not come with the single din that the F-90bt has. any help via pics info anything. this is going to be a x-mas present for my girlfriend. oh p.s. im ok with cutting,glassing ect.ect. i just want it to look half way stock. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    nobody???? no pics or anything?


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      Have you used and on MP3Car? What did you search for?

      Do you have pix of the dash you want to install in? Put 'em here, and tell us what you want to do.

      Tell us what you've found so far in your efforts -- do your own research, and ask specific, targeted questions. They're easier to answer than shotgun blasts that say, "Help!", so you'll likely get better responses.
      If just enough is really good, then too much ought to be perfect.

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        i need to put this.....................


        where this is.........


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            my problem is the double din deck will hit the hvac controls. plus from what i understand there is a circuit board that those controls may be hooked up to. now how can i mesh these two together? i need a little guidance.


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              oh and if i tried using the stock honda navi dash bezel, the connections in the switches are different. i basically want the pioneer to look as stock as possible heres a stock noda navi unit


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                YOu could try these: http://documents.victorytechnologies...oduct/2478.pdf

                But its an expensive kit to buy and modify. With this kit you may be able to re-locate the heater controls part of it.


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                  i think that may be my only option